Manila Cockers Club (MCC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manila Jockey Club, Inc. It was

established to complement the grand development plan of San Lazaro Leisure Park to expand

its sporting facilities and leisure potential. Included in this master plan are venues for football,

tackle football, watersports, retail and commercial centers.

MCC plans to develop two world-class cock fighting facilities inside the SLLP complex: (1) MCC

Arena , a VIP facility located at the Ground Floor of the Turf Club building; and (2) MCC

Coliseum, a multi-purpose stadium for cockfighting matches, concerts, and other special

events. At present, the company has completed the VIP Arena which will soon start its

operations before the end of 2015.

The immense popularity of cockfighting in the Philippines has remained unchanged throughout

the years. Growth however has remained stagnant due to the traditional matches offered to

fans and enthusiasts. MCC sees this as an opportunity to deliver superior and thrilling matches

that the industry has not seen before. Fans will be indulged with the best gaming fowls and

seasoned breeders from the most reputable farms all over the country. With an executive team

composed of experienced and trusted industry veterans, fights are always exciting, unparalleled

and equally matched.

Also part of MCC’s objective is to promote and expand the idea of “Gamefowl Tourism” in the

Philippines. International matches with renowned breeders in the US, Mexico, and Peru among

others will be invited to compete with local breeders in the country. The company also aims to

promote new techniques, styles and implements to further progress the sport at par with

global standards.

Soon, MCC will also introduce a new format called “Mains.” A “Main” is a special event

between two people or groups which feature a series of matches of their best fowls. A match

could be made between “Danding Conjuangco vs. Paeng Araneta;” or a team challenge

between “the Philippines vs. the USA.” MCC Mains are a unique addition to the industry’s

current offering.